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REO Detective, is a brand new foreclosure list database, that takes you to the hard to find and in some cases secret institutional web site databases. These databases list thousands of bank R.E.O's and Government foreclosures for free in all 50 states.

You can save thousands of dollars off retail market values on single family homes, mobile homes, farmland, beachfront homes, apartments, condos, abandoned farms and distressed properties. You will find single family homes as low as $8,500.00 in Baltimore and wooded lots listing for as little as $3,400.00. Beachfront properties in Hawaii at rock bottom prices. Never again will you have to pay hundreds of dollars to subscribe to foreclosure list services. Now you can find them yourself for FREE!

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This offer includes hundreds of dollars of FREE BONUS real estate software and ebooks. Guide to Government Auctions, Mortgage and Payment Amortization, Pay Down Debt or Invest and Rent vs. Buy Calculator, APR (Annual Percentage Rate), RealData Real Estate, Stemmons Real Estate Calculators, links to all major bank branches in the U.S. Plus the largest database of foreclosure properties online!

Finding secret free online foreclosure databases has never been simpler! (Or Cheaper!)

This offer includes hundreds of dollars of FREE bonus real estate software and ebooks. Free Guide to Government Auctions, Mortgage and Payment Amortization Calculators, Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator, Rent vs. Buy Calculator, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Calculator, RealData Real Estate Calculators, Stemmons Real Estate Calculators.

Plus links to all major bank branches in the U.S. listed by state. You can also find true property values in most states with just a street address.

You can even start your very own profitable business investing in real estate without spending a lot of money! A business you can run right out of a spare room in your own home!

Now works with all mobile phones and devices!

The Largest Online Foreclosure List Database

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Customer Testimonials

"There was this service that wants ($ 495) for same information Ouch!" "Barry"

"James I do appreciate you sending me the REO DETECTIVE. It is a good program. A lot of people think information is free and cheap. Information is money. This program has a lot of information that i was not aware of." Thanks again "James"

"James I have to say your brilliant!!!!" Great Program! "Pugi Maloi"

"I appreciate your promptness. I've been on the net for 5 or 6 years and in Real Estate since the 80's so I've collected a lot of links and info. I think your program has some nice features and links for both MLS and non MLS users - can tell you've spent a lot on putting it all together." Thanks again, "Jim Rooney"

"REO Detective is the best tool for finding foreclosure lists." "William"

'It is full of resources and definitely worth a lot more than $39.95. Thanks for your help." "Norman Cruz"

"Thank you for your help, thank you for the great site. I checked it out it has tons of foreclosures on it." "Michael"

"Thanks for the URL. I downloaded the REO software and it is very helpfull and well worth the $39.95." "Again thank you. "Ralph"

"Congratulations on your new product Reo Detective. We wish you great success!" "Professional Educational Institute"
"Carleton Sheets"

"A week ago i purchased a grant book. I was lost. I received your free download and it made all the difference. My dad needs help getting his invention off the ground. Your info helped. I am interested in starting my own business with my 18 and 20 year old. your info helped me once again. I believe every thing happens for a reason. If you look long enough every thing will be right there. It must make you feel great to know that you can have such an impact on someones life. You not only enabled me to begin to try and help my 90 year old dad , but quite possibly change the lives of myself and my future partners my daughters". Thank you GOD BLESS. Vicky

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